Tips on how to get verified badge on Instagram

Instagram is allowing users to request verification and get the blue badge. That’s good news! Before it was given automatically and made a lot of confusion between users. Some got it, some didn’t, and figuring out how was next to impossible. But in August 2018 Instagram finally decided to let users request it by themselves. There are some rules, though, and we will go through them later in the post.

If you are asking yourself why would you even bother, then this text is not for you. The blue badge you can notice besides the profile name is a sign of status. The process is not easy, so only the most popular and influential users will be approved. That’s what we think when we see it, but it’s not the intentional purpose of social networks. What really represents is authentication. That basically means that Instagram is ensured that you are who you are claiming to be.

The steps of asking verification on Instagram

Even the approval is difficult, the process of asking for verification is pretty simple. First, you need to be logged into your account and go to the menu tab (in the right upper corner). Select “settings” at the bottom of your screen. After that, select “account”, and scroll down until you get to “request verification” and tap it. You will see a form with your account name. First, add your full name or the name of whoever manages your Instagram. Next, you will need to attach a file of your ID photo. If you are a person, a driver’s license, passport, or national identification card will work. For a business, you can use any official business document. In the end, tap the “send” button.

After you did this, your request will be sent for a review. It is not an automatic process, but an individual will look to it and decide whether it will be approved or not. This can take up to several weeks. When the decision is made, you will be notified through your Instagram app. If your request is denied, you can apply again in 30 days.


In their Help Center, Instagram has listed four requirements about how your account needs to be:

  • authentic
  • unique
  • complete
  • notable

Besides that, you need to follow their Terms of use and Community guidelines.

So, what does this mean? Following Instagram’s rules is not just about increasing the possibility of getting verified, but also avoiding to get blocked. I highly recommend you read them both, because you’ll be more aware of what you can and can’t do with your profile. Even if you will never ask for verification.

Your account needs to represent a real person, business, or organization. Inspirational pages, memes, fan pages, and similar will not be considered for the badge. Also, your account needs to be mentioned in some news sources, be highly searched, and generally known to the public. Request the badge for only one account (if you have more), because one of Instagram’s rules is that it needs to be unique. So, you can get it either for you or your brand.


Extra tips

It implies that your profile needs to be completely filled and you must have a profile photo. At least one post is necessary, also. Your account needs to be set to public, and not linked to other social networks. But presence outside IG is a good thing: for example if a person who is checking your account googles you, what will they find? Try to grow your online presence positively.

If you are requesting a badge I will assume that you already have an audience and posting regularly. Your Instagram presence should be well established before the process. Yes, they require just one post for the request, but would you take an account like that seriously? A number of required followers is not set, but being notable means having an audience. So, that will come at the same time.

As I already mentioned, do not link your Instagram account with other networks. That also includes “add me” and “follow” posts. Promoting other online places is a good way to be rejected. Also, don’t use any kind of services to help you get the badge.

Once you get your badge, you are also able to lose it, so try not to make that happen. Continue to follow the rules and keep the good work. (Obviously, you did until that point.) Transferring or selling your badge, or using it to promote other services may result in disabling your account as well.

Why is important to get an Instagram badge

First, you will prevent anyone from copying you. The audience that will search for your profile will know immediately this is the “original” account by seeing the blue badge.

Second, you will prove that you are important. Having the badge means that you’ve appeared in several news sources, that you are notable and that you have a loyal audience behind you. You or your brand present someone who is known to the public.

And third, you will get even more popular. Your account will rank in the top of the search results.

What happens if you are rejected

So, what if you requested a badge several times and you have been rejected? Well, nothing. You can continue using your profile as you did until now. You can wait until your brand becomes more influential and try to send the request again. In the meantime, work on it.

If copycat accounts start to appear, you will need to find another way to prove that this is really you. Link your website to your account and add an official email address. Use your bio to tell more about your business (or yourself), go behind the scenes, and tell your story. Include your audience in your profile in any possible way.

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