The Power of Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories is a great way to get your target audience’s attention and has grown into another avenue to post content that can’t be ignored anymore. Instagram Stories is a place where people are spending their time more and more.

Starting out with Instagram Stories

The first thing you need to remember when starting out with Instagram Stories is that you always need to have something in the stories. Just like with your regular content, your photos and videos for your Feed, you need to constantly keep uploading into your stories. You also need to have something in the stories at all times.

At any time that someone comes to your Instagram page, they need to have a story to watch. The more stories you post the more you’re going to appear at the front of the stories section because Instagram shows the newest stories first.

With the swipe up function, the stories have become an important traffic source for brands and influencers that is now as important as the Instagram Page itself.

How to use IG Stories to drive scarcity

The cool part of Instagram stories is that they only last for 24 hours.
So a really powerful sales tactic, when you want people to take action is to use urgency and scarcity.

For example, if you sell a product or service you could give away a coupon code which only lasts for 24 hours. Or you can have a sales campaign running for as long as the story lasts.

The best part of Instagram Stories is that it runs so fast you could do the same campaign once a week and people won’t even notice and it doesn’t look spammy at all. You can make it very authentic.

How to use IG stories to humanize your brand

Instagram Stories is a really great way to engage with your audience and your customers. A growing trend that we noticed right now in the market and this is only going to get bigger for years to come, is that people are much more interested in knowing who they buy from. They want to know the person behind their favorite product, “the behind the scenes”.
The more you can showcase your team and the process behind your products, the more you will build trust and really solidify your tribe. People buy more from the brands they know, like and trust.

So you can use Instagram Stories as a way to show the behind the scenes, to show that behind your products are people that care and they can relate to.

Now let’s see some great examples form company brand pages that are using stories to humanize their brand.

#1 @nastygal

Their stories showcase the brand in a fun lighthearted way and it’s showcasing what they’re all about in a different kind’of an intimate setting.

#2 @valerialipovetsky

This is a great example of a personal brand with a strong Youtube presence. Her stories are more casual and intimate, it’s like a friend who shares her own personal experiences.

#3 @TravelandLeisure

Good trips, good food, and good wine. It’s like you’re joining in the ride.

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