Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Were Not Aware Of

Social media has been accepted as a marketing tool among companies and individuals lately, but often we can hear “it’s not working”. And usually it’s not, because you are doing something wrong. It could be lacking of experience, following others (wrong) examples, or simply laziness, but whatever the reason is, it can damage your marketing image and discourage you from keep trying.

Here are some common social marketing mistakes you maybe weren’t aware of:

Quantity over quality

Posting something just to post leave for your personal social media accounts. All your content should have a purpose, whether is calling to action, promoting your product, giving helpful tips, or something else. No matter how fun and engaging something may seem to you, before posting it ask yourself: is it really meeting interests of your audience?

Choosing the wrong social media platform

Every social network has its own audience, customs and type of content that is posted. You need to realize the difference, and choose your platform according to that.

Study your own audience and try to discover which platform they prefer. Don’t hesitate to make a poll, or a survey, because this is really important for your efforts to be effective.

Pushing your product

Creating your campaign around your product, instead around your customers, can seriously damage your brand. If you are pushing your product into the first row, it may result in loosing interest of your customers. They can feel like their needs are neglected.

Grammar and punctuation mistakes

Being lazy about how your brand is presented to your customers is just unacceptable. Grammar and punctuation mistakes reveal levity, and will produce negative image about you and your business. Check every word you intend to post, and if you are not good with it, ask for help, or use grammar tools.

Underestimation of the headlines

Headlines are the very first thing a customer will see, and you only have a few seconds of his attention, which may or may not result with clicking on your content. So, this is your only chance, and you should give a good thought writing your headlines. Or, even better, have a team in charge of creating powerful and engaging headlines.

Not engaging readers

One-way communication in your posts will not give you the effect you would want to. Everybody wants to be a part of something, and you should engage your audience to like, comment and share your content. Encourage them to make an action.

Not using analytics

There are various great tools to track data about your visitors. You are able to get information about what are your best performing posts, who is your audience and where do they come from, how many likes, follows and shares you got, how many times your post was seen etc. This is important for your future decisions, and also it can help you plan your posts better.

Lousy SEO and SMO

Search engine optimization and social media optimization are increasing awareness of your website and encouraging your audience to use and share your posts and links. You can read more details here.

You want your content to be easy to discover, seen and shared. Planning your optimization carefully will help you score good search engine visibility, and drive traffic to your website.

Not caring (enough) about your customers

The whole point of social media is communication with others, so you will need to show your customers that they are important to you. Respond to comments and messages, and if you occur any problems deal with them excluding emotions. Never blame your customers and try to deal with the problem the best you can.

Your relationship with your customers, and also possible customers, will affect your business a lot. Show that you respect them, and that you care.

Everybody makes mistakes. It is important that you learn something, and try not to repeat them. We are hoping this post will help you realize it, and that you will get positive results from your social media marketing in the future.

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