Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Instagram appeared in October 2010, as a small application, and grew its popularity overnight. We could say it overtook social media platforms and became a significant tool for every serious business, with more than 25 million business profiles.

Do you like statistics? Let’s have more of them! 🙂

Six of ten adults use Instagram, and they will spend an average of 28 minutes per day on this platform. They will click on product links 130 million times in one month, and 200 million users will visit at least one business profile daily. You want to be a part of that story, don’t you?

We already posted about the advantages of Instagram, and how you can use it for gaining followers and developing your business. You can read about it here. But now we will concentrate on things you shouldn’t do. Avoiding mistakes is as much important as doing the right thing.

Mistake #1

You didn’t set a goal

Some people are just not good at planning and determining strategies, and they will probably just skip this part, being tired of listening to how setting your marketing goals is important. But as soon as you realize it is indeed important, you will stop losing your time and effort.

Just posting random content and hoping you will stumble upon some followers is not a strategy. First, determine what is exactly that you want. According to that, build your marketing.

E.g. you want to drive more traffic to your web page. You will post related photos with a call-to-action links. Photos need to be high-quality and unique to capture users, and your text should be small with a link included, of course.

Mistake #2

You didn’t fill in your BIO

When you signed up for an Instagram account, you probably put some basic information in your bio section. From time to time, it is good to update it, and fill in the blanks.

Maybe the most important thing in your bio is a link to your web page. Instagram recognizes it as a clickable link, so make sure to use this to your advantage. It may direct users to your landing page or any other page you think is relevant.

Mistake #3

Your profile is set to private

Ok, this is maybe too obvious, but we’ll mention it anyway. You can not set your business profile to private, because you want to be seen, recognized, found on Instagram, followed, and shared.

First, when users come to your profile and if they are not able to see what you offer, they will leave immediately. Further, your hashtags or any other marketing tools will not work for a private profile. Literally, hashtags don’t work.

And last, we are not prone to wait to log in, subscribe, to be approved, and similar things that delay something we have on our mind at that moment. We want things now, at this moment. So this is why most of your visitors will probably leave if they can not follow you right away.

Mistake #4

Your content is not unique

If you are posting and reposting the same content over and over again, you are going in a good direction to lose your followers. Of course, sometimes there is a good reason to repost something (an event, discount, limited offers, etc.), but don’t do it regularly, and don’t do it when you don’t know what to post. People will get bored and eventually unfollow you.

Unique and high-quality content gets you more notice and makes your business stable, and interesting to your followers. They want to be amused. Don’t repeat yourself, and don’t copy others.

Mistake #5

You don’t respond to your followers

When your followers leave a comment to your post, in most cases you should respond. If you want to build a good and reliable relationship, you should stir a two-way communication, to make your users feel important. Answer their questions (this is a must!), say “thank you” to their compliments and try to resolve any problems that may occur nicely. Feel free to remind them about your business-related actions.

If you leave your followers without an answer, they will feel like they are not important to you, and that is something you can’t afford.

There is one more mistake that often happens, and that is using your hashtags wrong. Since there is a whole other post about it, you might want to look at it here.

The mistakes we mentioned here are most common among business instagramers, but they are easy to fix and nothing to worry about. With a little effort, you can get back to the right track.

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