Learn how to use LinkedIn to develop more leads

LinkedIn is a platform that connects professionals, work-finding, work-offering, and sharing content. It has been neglected among all the platforms that were more suitable for generating leads. But this had changed lately. So, we are bringing you the best tips on how to find and keep new leads using LinkedIn!

Always introduce yourself

If you want to connect with someone, it is preferable that you write a short message explaining who are you and why you want to make this connection. It is not just for them to accept your connection, but you will also leave a better impression.

Also, use the relationships you already have. Go through your connections, and then through their connections. If you feel like there are people you want to unite with, ask your mutual connection to introduce you. This is a very efficient way for a good start with new leads.

Participate in discussions

There are discussion groups on LinkedIn for any topic and the niche you can think of. In those groups, you can find people who like the same things as you do, and are looking for solutions and assistance. Don’t think of it as giving your knowledge for free, but rather as establishing new relationships. It will pay off in the end.

Use LinkedIn groups

You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn, which is great because you can send messages to people from the group if you are connected to them or not. So, choose your groups wisely, thinking ahead of what kind of people do you plan to connect with. Normally, you’ll get into groups that are somehow related to your business niche. And always make sure that people you want to connect with have a feeling of mutual benefit. otherwise, you are just spamming.

Use compliments

Maybe you don’t consider this to be a serious tip, or even you may think it’s stupid, but complimenting people’s business actually works. Everybody wants to hear they are doing something good. This is an especially beneficial approach if you are reaching B2B. When complimenting, let them know that it would be interesting to work together.


Lead collection

LinkedIn has a feature called “lead collection”. It allows advertisers to collect leads through their ad campaigns. People will click on your ad and that will redirect them to your page with a button for contact. It is a really simple thing to do for users and a very efficient way for you to collect new leads.

Profile views

There is a reason why would someone visit your profile, and LinkedIn has smartly set up a feature that shows you who did. You should contact these people. If they are your connections, ask them kindly if there is anything you can help them with. If they are not your connection, visit their profile and research them a little. Then, send a message which says that you noticed they were viewing your profile, and ask if they would like to connect. Those people are probably worthy of reaching to since they searched for you.

Advanced filters searching

Another great LinkedIn feature (for premium accounts) is to use advanced filters in your searches. You can find people by company, relationship, function, seniority level, and even company size. These detailed searches can help you to faster and easier find exactly what you need – people who will become your leads.

Ask questions

Contact people who are your connections and ask them questions. You might be connected to great professionals who are experts in their field, but you never communicate with them. Also, update your status and publish posts regularly. That way you will also engage with people in your circle. Repost articles about industry trends, create motivational quotes, and write about business in general. You might be surprised how many people will engage with your content.

Be active

LinkedIn may not be such an active network as Instagram or Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you can create a profile and forget about it. You need to post at least once per week. You want to remind people that you are “out there”. This awareness will be important when you contact possible leads and introduce yourself.


Connect Twitter

If you are more active on Twitter than you are on LinkedIn (which is perfectly normal), there is good news for you: you can connect your Twitter account to LinkedIn. Every Twitter post you publish will be reposted on your LinkedIn and available to your connections. That way you will be more active.

Write articles

If you thrive to educate your audience by showing your expertise, and encourage them to engage, then publishing articles is a must. You will not just provide value, but also strengthen your relationships. And don’t be shy to ask your leads for feedback.

Check your LinkedIn profile often, especially who has viewed it. Reach to those people and find out what they need. If you catch them at the right moment, and that is one because they are looking at you, you will find yourself new leads, business partners, or something else. Don’t miss the opportunities LinkedIn provides.

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