How to take advantage of your old content

Content marketing has a leading role in every business, in every branch. If you lead your business for some time, you probably have tons of old content. Let’s see what we can do with it.

As content is getting older, it may seem that it drops its value to us. It goes out of date, it is no longer applicable, or you can simply forget about it. But why not use what you already have? It can help you when you are lacking inspiration. It can save you a lot of time, also. And, it is proven that repurposed content increases your traffic and brings a new audience.

Add new information

If you have content that provides information that is still relevant with a little adaptation, that may be a good start. This information can be useful for years. But for sure needs some refreshment.

For example, social media marketing websites like this one, and their social media accounts, can contain posts with relevant information. To be even more specific, let’s take a post about hashtags. (Still my favorite.) Some things that the post contains are fundamental. But some may change in a few months because the popularity of hashtags is growing rapidly. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see innovations in that field. Then, some things will need to be updated.

Refreshing that post and republishing it, along with a corresponding announcement on social media, is a great way to get your audience interested. Of course, you need to declare that the post has been updated. Hopefully, it will produce a better position in search results.

Add media

Not so long time ago, media was important but not crucial for your content. It was just a moment before someone realized a post with a photo is more likely to catch the attention of the beholder, than the one without. After those studies were published, the fight for better, more qualitative, and more unique media content began.

Video has increased in popularity, so it’s often a great choice to add. It can improve interest in your page a lot. But sometimes a video can not fit into your text. Except for photographs, you can consider adding infographics or some similar designs that can make it more interesting. If someone doesn’t want to go through the whole text, an infographic can be a great solution.


Turn your blog into social media content

Do you have some blog posts that you feel didn’t get enough attention on your social media channels? Or maybe they are older and you didn’t give too much attention to promoting them correctly. Either way, there is no reason you couldn’t do that now.

If you have pages and accounts connected to your blog site, you can actually reshape your posts to fit them into social media posts. Taking out snatches of your text and integrating them into posts may be a brilliant idea that can save you a lot of time, but also bring your audience to your blog. If they like the snatch, they’ll check the whole text for sure. Putting one relevant fragment with the corresponding photo or other media can do miracles. You just need to figure out which are the most interesting parts of your text, and which are easily adaptable to be put in social media posts.

Assemble an ebook

Do you have a bunch of blog posts around the same topic, and you are not sure how to repurpose it? Assembling them into an ebook is an excellent solution because:

  • you can use your ebook as a draw for new customers
  • you can actually earn some money
  • you can build an email list from it

If it is possible, you can use each post as a chapter of your ebook. That will depend on the topic and your writing style, of course. Then you can assemble it using a simple tool such as Canva. If you plan to sell your book through Amazon or other self-publishing services, you will have to invest more effort in your formats, because every one of them has its own standards. But, if you consider that as an option, you can hire someone through Fiverr for a reasonable price.

Create podcasts

Podcasts also became a thing in the not so distant past. It proved that people are more prone to listening than reading. But why then no one listens to the radio anymore?

First of all, it has become truly difficult to be present at a certain time. With the possibility to record or rewind our favorite Tv shows to a more convenient time, the same goes for radio shows.

Then, we can choose whatever entertains or enlightens us. There are tons of podcasts, on every possible subject you can imagine. (Same as blogs.) With just a couple of clicks that content becomes available to us, mostly for free.

After you have been writing around the same subject for a while, you will eventually gain a lot of information that you can assemble into a guide. In the previous chapter, we recommended putting it together in an ebook. It is not so much different to create podcasts. Except for the talking part, of course. It may seem that you have to choose between one or another, but that is not correct. Your ebook and your podcasts can not just work very well together, but they will also attract different audiences. The ones who like to read, and the listeners.

You also may think that an ebook is a better solution because you will earn money. But they will buy it once. With podcasts, listeners will come back if they liked what you did. Recurring an audience like that can be much more valuable.


Use Quora

A couple of months ago, we published an article about using Quora to drive traffic to your website. (You can find it here.) Quora is a worldwide know question-and-answer website, where you can ask, answer, follow, and edit questions. If you have been using it for some time and regularly asking (and answering questions, you can take advantage of it. The old content worthy of repurposing is not just blog and social media posts.

Having your question read, answered, and commented on has great value. There is a huge amount of experts on Quora who can give you different insights into the topic. Of course, you can’t just take someone’s answer and post it as yours. But it is an effortless way of getting inspiration to write your own opinion about something.

Create a FAQ page

After a certain amount of time running a website or a blog, you will have a bunch of questions from your customers. If you don’t delete those after answering (as I do…), you can put them together on a great FAQ page.

FAQ pages represent a collection of useful information, with the purpose to help your website visitors. Put your questions and answers in an order to have an easily navigated structure. Rewrite your answers as needed and Рvoilà!

Creating content takes a lot of time and effort. We hope you will get the best of these few tips to repurpose your old content. If you have additional suggestions, please let us know.

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