How to Improve Your Social Media with Web Design

Almost every website made in recent times has inserted social media sharing buttons or similar tools among its content. This is a very important item, which is teaching us how to adapt with new trends coming our way.

If we find something that we really like, of course we’ll copy the link and share it with our friends, but if we have a button to do it with just one or two clicks, aren’t there a bigger chances we will share something more often?

It is not just about sharing, you can also call your visitors to like or follow your social media profiles, or even to read your latest social media posts on your website. Options are various.

This is a valuable marketing potential, extremely important for your business, because:

  • great posts can drive traffic to your website
  • your presence on social media is helping you build strong and recognisable brand
  • your brand and your content are more easy to find

Using the right strategies and tips, you can easily create a strong brand on social media platforms, in short time.

Possibility of social logins

According to statistics, 73% users would rather login to websites with social media profiles, than going through all the hard work of filling in data to create a new account. That’s great news for you, because then it will be easier for them to share your content. Effortless connection between different platforms and simplicity in sharing posts are your winning numbers.

Just be careful to leave your visitors a choice, whether they want to sign in with their social media profiles, or not. Not leaving another option could be a double-edged sword.

Utilize social media proof widgets

Comments, customer product reviews and similar data can easily work in your advantage. Also, a great way to “brag” (not in a bad way, though) is to put a widget which shows information about how much follows or likes you have, or how many times was some of your content shared. This is how your customers will recognize you as a credible brand.

Your content should be easily shared

Your social media icons should be visible, and easy to find and click, but not in a way which is disturbing your content. Different widgets will give you different options, and you should find the one that suits your website best. We would recommend that you give an option to share through different social platforms, even if you don’t have presence on some of them. Bonus: You could discover what your customers prefer, and you might decide to post on some other platforms as well.

Use videos

Most of the online users are visual beings and they prefer videos over reading, so use that as your advantage. Whenever it’s possible, turn your content in relevant videos, or at least put them as an addition to text.

Websites with quality videos rank higher on search engine results. Even a few short and informative videos may help driving traffic to your website.

If you have an opportunity, create a YouTube video campaign and post it on your website. This will get you a two-way promotion.

Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a relatively new trend that engages user in an interesting and productive way. It is a great method to attract new followers, and to convert existing ones into customers.

This is a strategy to fill your social feeds with interesting content, which is not just free, but also honest and genuine.

Show your presence on social media

Integrating social media icons in your website is a must. Showing your presence there will encourage your users to interact more. Ask them to follow your profiles on your website, mentioning that this is the most effective way to stay updated about your product.

Make sure the icons match your website style. These details can be catchy for your visitors.

There are many easy ways to use social media on your website, even if you are not a designer, from which you can benefit a lot. It can be blended nicely and naturally.

We are hoping our tips helped you.

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