How to get your Instagram followers more engaged

Ten years ago Instagram was launched as an app for featuring photos. At the very beginning, it was relatively easy to gain followers. But through the years Instagram continued his growth and with that, the number of users increased rapidly. That meant bigger competition. Those who didn’t catch an early train today are struggling to get real, engaged Instagram followers.

You can find lots of tips on how to engage your followers online. But these tips usually work well for accounts that already have a huge amount of followers. What about those who just started? If you have just a few hundreds of Instagram followers (or less), people are not even paying attention to you. But everybody starts from zero, so we want to concentrate on how to gain and get amused your first (real) audience.

Fill your BIO

We already said a lot about how important is to have a complete and good filled bio. Your username and your name (assuming it is not the same) will appear in Instagram’s search, so it is crucial that is catchy and easy to find. For business accounts, it would be good to throw some keywords in also. Description, your link, and info such as contact number, email, and location are something that needs to be there. Uniquely introduce yourself because this is the first thing your Instagram followers will see when they open your profile.

Search for audience

If you want your Instagram followers to be truly engaged in your content, and hence into your business, you need to look for them in the right places. Look at the other business profiles that are similar to yours. For example, if you sell fitness gear, look at the gyms, fitness trainers and influencers, nutritionists, etc. Anything related to your business, but not your competition.
Interact with the people there – comment on their posts, like their photos, and follow them. Do not try to sell your stuff, especially not by sending them messages. No matter what anyone tells you, that does not work. Instead, try to get them interested by being a person who is behind that Instagram profile and just communicate.

Interesting content

If you can attract users and get them to open your profile, you need to offer something there. Otherwise, your efforts are wasted. They will not follow you if they don’t like what you do, and there is no way around that.
Depending on what your business is about, usually it works well if you post some high-quality photos of your products. Combine that with user testimonials and make the story about your product sound like it’s about them. If you are selling services and you can do the before/after photo, that is still one of the most popular ways of getting Instagram followers interested. Believe it or not.
Also, any kind of educational posts, including questions, polls, and call-to-actions seem to be engaging a lot.

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Be consistent

You don’t have to post every day, especially not to publish anything just to fill your feed. And that will happen eventually if you start too big. You could run out of inspiration or get bored, and your content will decrease in quality. Instead of that, post a few times per week, but put a little more effort into creating your posts.
Being consistent does not mean you need to have a large number of posts. It means if you decide you will post three times per week, that needs to be three times per week. Adjust it to your schedule, but don’t skip. Also, if there are special occasions, like holidays or launching your new products, you will need to be present on social media more than usual.
If you don’t post for some time, your content will stop appearing in your followers’ feed. Keep that in mind.


Using the right hashtags in the right way can get you far on Instagram. Actually, we think this is so important that we posted a whole text just about hashtags. You can read it here.
You can use up to 30 hashtags per one post, and they will help you be discovered by people who are (yet) not your followers. It is a perfect way for your post to be seen even if you are not anyhow connected to the users that will see it. Again, your content must be exceptional to catch the attention of someone who is looking at it. And make sure your hashtags are related to your post.

Know your audience

If you want your Instagram followers to engage more, you will need to figure out what they like. You can do that by just observing what is happening when you post. Some content will get more engagement than others. Usually, selfies are at the top. But if you are not a life coach or fitness influencer, you may not be able to integrate yourself that much into your content. So you’ll maybe need to try it out at the beginning. Provide a variety and see what works best.
Trying to catch how much your posts are liked or commented just by watching it may be difficult. Luckily, there is plenty of tools online that can help you. Also, there is Instagram analytics that can help you get just a glance at how many times each of your posts was viewed. (If you have a business account.)

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Be different

There are billions of remarkable people on Instagram. It can be really hard to find something that will set you apart from everyone else. But it is necessary.
Try to imagine your Instagram account as a smaller version of a blog. Do what you would do there, just with better photos and shorter text. Provide tips in your business area, share quick how-to-do, or share something you find to be interesting. Just keep your audience entertained enough to return to your profile.

Getting your followers more engaged may be a slow process from the beginning. Those tips that we provided may not work the same for everyone, depending on the type of your business and your audience. If you see something is not working, leave it. Or find another way. This is not an easy process, but in the end, it pays off. We are sincerely hoping you will see the results soon.

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