How to find awesome ideas on YouTube

We like to think that YouTube is our personal pocket TV, on which we can watch whatever we want. And whenever we want. Searching for how-to instructions, just chilling, or looking for inspiration, YouTube has it all. But have you ever looked for ideas on what to write about?

Sometimes it is truly hard to find new ideas for content creation. Especially when you are in the social media business for a long time. Even this area is changing constantly, you might have a feeling you have spent all of your best topics. And sometimes you might just get to writer’s block. There are some ideas that might help you to overcome that, and we published a post about it HERE. But what we didn’t know back then is that YouTube can be a great source of inspiration.

Why YouTube?

Of course, you can use other sources, and read blogs, and it may be as productive as well. But YouTube videos are a very convenient way to learn something, to get a whole picture, and to form an idea out of it.

There are so many videos you can find inspiration from! And most of them are not posted in written form, so you have a chance to produce great and fresh content. When you are rewriting your competitors’ posts, there is always a chance it will be worse than the original, in the end. With YouTube videos, you actually don’t have competition. It is solely up to you how you will interpret what you’ve just learned.

How to choose videos?

One could think that only videos with a lot of views will work, but that’s not necessarily true. People engage differently with different types of content and that doesn’t mean your blog post (or another type of content) will not be successful if made based on not so popular video. Just the opposite, it might work great.

It can simply happen that some topic is not fitting into YouTube well. It can work better as a blog post with subheadings, lists, graphs, and similar visual helpers that will point to relevant information a person is looking for. So, you don’t have to worry about views if the headline and the topic work for you.


How to find ideas?

As we said, there is plenty of content you can search through. 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide (according to Oberloo). But you don’t have to just wander around, we will help you find what you need.


Finding other people from your niche on YouTube is the best way to discover content that can serve you as an inspiration strike. This content will be interesting to your existing audience. When you find them, choose the most interesting headlines and get to work!

If you’re in business for some time, you probably already know who are your competitors, and other influential people in your niche. All you will need to do is to search their YouTube channels if they have one. If you don’t know where to start, you can ask your team members, your audience, or simply use Google.

When you put together your list of the people you want to check out, go to their channel and look through videos. You can choose to sort them by popularity or publishing time.

Read comments

YouTube comments can help you a lot when it comes to thinking about how you can improve the topic. Yes, most of them are useless. But there are certainly a few which will give you a new perspective on the video you just finished watching.

Well-ranked videos may get thousands of comments. Most of them will just be people telling they like or don’t like the content, but you will also find questions and suggestions on how to expand it.

Use predictive search

Predictive search on YouTube works similar to Google’s, and it’s in the second place (just behind Google) of the biggest search engines. Take advantage of that! Users who come to YouTube are counted in billions monthly. So, according to their searches, this platform generates a lot of search activity. With a built-in predictive search feature, you can use this to easily find what you need and much more than that.

The process is really simple. Just enter the keyword of your topic and you will see suggestions:


When you click on one of the options, you will get a plenty of videos to choose from.


Watch what’s trending

It is often not very smart to write about stuff outside your niche and to do “everything” because it will take you nowhere. But, on the other hand, some areas are very wide. If you can cover a lot of stuff (for example, if you have a news blog) trending search is just the thing for you.

If you are unsure what is trending at the moment (and you must be, because these things change daily and it’s hard to follow), YouTube is offering a solution. There is a “trending” tab on the left side of your dashboard:


It may seem that none of this is relevant to your business or your audience. Most of the time, it won’t be. But, as we said, there are daily updates for this feature, so make sure to check it now and then. It can be a great inspiration boost.

We all think of YouTube as a video platform and primarily use it for watching content. But when we start to look at it as an inspiration source, or even a search engine, it can serve other purposes as well. You will be able to find content on any topic you can imagine, and create something new out of it. Let us know how it went!

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