How to create an awesome Instagram BIO

Your Instagram BIO serves as your portfolio. It is the very first thing your visitors will look at when opening your profile, and they will be only a few seconds from the decision to follow you or not. So, you’ll want to leave a great first impression, and we are here to help you with that.

#1 Attract ideal followers

You have only a few sentences to explain what you do, and that is what an awesome BIO does. Most great BIOs have their description sorted out like bullet points.

This is how your new visitors will understand what you actually do. If they like what they see, they will become your followers. Here is a great example I stumbled upon:


This one is funny which obviously suits the bulldog personality, and is cleverly explained with emoticons. Of course, this won’t be a good idea for any business but is a great example of how to add a touch of uniqueness and attract just the right audience you want.

Another (not-so-funny) way to make your BIO valuable is to make it about your community, not about you. Say something meaningful to your audience directly through your BIO.


Use your 150 characters wisely.

#2 Use the name field

Your username is one thing and your name is another. The name field is positioned just below your profile photo and it is a valuable feature because you can use it to cram in keywords. For example, you can put your title, if you have your name used as a username.

If you customize your name, even more people will find you when they search the app. Instagram is working on a new keyword search tool, so your SEO and SMO will be more important than ever. It seems that not enough people are using this name field option, but on the other hand, some figured it out.

As you can notice, it is very efficient to use special fonts. There are so many apps and programs which offer you to change your font and just paste it in your name field and/or BIO section, but make sure these are easy to read. It’s not always important what looks nice, but also you want your visitors to have a clear picture of what you want to state.

Besides stating your full name or title, you can add keywords to your name field. For example, if you put “social media manager” you are not just only explaining what you do, but also you will end up in search results if a user types that in when looking for stuff on Instagram:


Another good idea is to add your location if that is important for your business type. For example “Photographer, Barcelona”. That is usually to be put in your BIO, but when the location is crucial in SEO it is better to put it in the name field. So, when someone searches for a photographer to hire in Barcelona, they will easily find you.

#3 Connect your other accounts and hashtags

Profile usernames and hashtags you will put in your BIO will become clickable links, which is a great addition to the one link you can set up (in a separate field). If you collaborate with other brands or just have multiple Instagram accounts, this is a place to put their usernames. Also, if you have branded hashtags (and you should, you can read why HERE), don’t let them go unnoticed. Highlight them in your BIO.

You need to be aware that placing hashtags in your BIO will not increase your visibility when people searching that exact hashtags. Only your tagged posts engagement will help you rank higher. So, use this only if you have created your own (branded) hashtag and you want to spread the word about it.

#4 Add a call-to-action

Since you have a special place to put your link, it is a very clever idea to put a call-to-action in the last line of your bio. Tell visitors why they should click/tap it, rather than just tell them to do it. That is the right way for your call-to-action to become a worthy part of your BIO.

You can change this according to your needs. For example, if you want to feature a new product, a promotion, limited offer, etc. You will change the link, of course, and adapt your call-to-action.


#5 Add your contact details

The easiest way to add your contact details is to use a business profile. Instagram has already determined the sections for your email, phone number, location, and similar info, and they will appear right below your bio, as separate “buttons”:


By using these special sections you are actually saving your BIO’s characters for other information. The business profile has other perks that come with it, so you should really consider switching if you still didn’t.

#6 Have a great profile photo

This is very important! Your profile photo should be something that will reflect on your professionality and brand recognition. The most common option to put your company’s logo, or other recognizable sign. If you are a person presenting as a brand, your photo should be neat, with a one-color background. Remember, this is the first thing your visitors notice, even before they open your profile.

#7 Use stories highlights

By using story highlights, you can use any other valuable info about your business that can not fit into your BIO. These are little “videos” that will present you to the person who is watching them. Basically, a story about what you do and what your business offers.

Here is a great example from @marketingharry:


Use special cover images that fit into your profile and brand colors, and create visually attractive highlights that will encourage people to look at your stories packed inside. You can tell them about you, promote your product or services, offer something, and much more. This is indeed a valuable resource.

Your Instagram BIO is as much important as your content, so we hope you take it seriously. If you did, it will attract your ideal audience, help you to raise your brand awareness, and make sales in the end. Let us know what you think about our tips!

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