Guide to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

In this lesson, we’ll give you an introduction to Influencer Marketing and the different types of strategies you can use on Instagram.

Influencer marketing is one of those strategies that will help your account take off like wildfire. This is the equivalent of celebrity endorsement and is so efficient that big department stores have fashion bloggers on their payroll because of the huge impact they have on their followers’ purchasing behavior.

From our experience, we found out that this is one of the lowest hanging fruit out there. This is the strategy that no one ever talks about, but is, in fact, the one strategy that all the fast-growing accounts are using. Of course, if you use this with the other strategies you learned from this course you will add more fuel to the fire.

So, when it comes to Shoutouts or Influencer Marketing strategy, there are a few different things that you can try:

1. Product for Shoutout

There’s the product/service for post shoutout. If you run a physical product based business that’s probably one of the best growth strategies you can do. You’ll have to just give away your product for free to an influencer and get them to post about it. Now, it depends on the cost of your product, but you really have to workout some sort of budget.

2. Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S)

The next kind of shoutouts is Share for Share or Shoutout for Shoutout, where you can team up with other Instagram pages and get them to share your content in exchange for you sharing their content as well. This will result in a win-win situation, where you both get your content in front of a new audience for more exposure and reach.

You will have to be in the same market, with similar products or services (but of course, not direct competitors) because you want to make sure that your brand gets in front of the right audience.

For example, you might be a watch brand and you don’t want to post about other watches on your page. But you could find a fashion fan page or a luxury fan page that might want to post about your watch and you will post about a fashion blogger or about a car.

3. Paid Shoutouts

Another type of Influencer Marketing that you can use on Instagram is Paid Shoutouts. This type of shoutouts is where actual money exchanges hands. You need to pay Influencers to post about your products on their feed. These are the “sponsorship” posts you see through Instagram and they can be extremely powerful. Your account can take off literally overnight if you find the right influencer to post your content.

For Paid Shoutouts, you would need to have a marketing budget sorted out and a clear strategy that involves knowing your audience, the popular influencers in your market, how much you can afford to spend, what ROI do you expect for each paid shoutout and so on.

We will dive more into each of these 3 types of Influencer Marketing in our next lessons.

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