7 Ways to Make Money with Your Instagram Account

For many, Instagram is a simple pass time, a place to get fashion ideas, A platform to showcase their talents, see what their favorite friends or celebrities are up to and so on. Everyone has his or her own reason behind why they spend time scrolling through Instagram.

In the recent past, Instagram has gained popularity for unique reasons. Clever people in countries all over the world have developed money making strategies and are now making a lot of money from their own Instagram accounts! But, many are still in the dark on how they can make money on Instagram.

Are you asking if this is a viable option for you?

Well, Yes! Whether you have a following of a thousand people or that of a hundred thousand people, you can make money online. Wondering how? Read more to find out.

1. Work on sponsored posts

Different brands produce different products. From clothing, jewelry, makeup, perfumes, toys, organic products, you name it. There’s always an audience willing to know more and buy numerous products. The challenge often faced by brands is how to reach and influence people to recognize, learn more and eventually buy their products. And this is where you as an Instagram influencer comes in.

As an Instagram page owner with a good following, you have two things. You have reach and you have influence. These are the two main components behind why brands will be attracted to you the most. But how do sponsored posts work?

A particular brand goes out on Instagram scouting for people who fit their criteria. Each brand has a particular kind of age group or personality they are looking for in an Instagram influencer. Thereafter, they approach you and ask you to help promote their products. They offer to pay you to post certain things about their products in order to gain recognition and prominence among your audience members.

A post a day for an entire month can leave you earning thousands of dollars by simply writing what you love, or what is interesting about a particular brand. This is something that many Instagrammers out there are doing every day for free.

2. Open your own Instagram online shop

This works pretty much like an e-commerce venture where you can market your own digital products, tangible Products or even services. This is like opening your own shop where people can come look and see what you have and eventually purchase. Only difference here is that there’s no physical shop, everything is online.

Examples of digital products sold on Instagram include:

. eBooks
. Software
. Photos
. Digital art
. Audio music
. Documents and so on

Examples of tangible products sold on Instagram include:

. Clothes
. Shoes
. Jewelry
. Makeup
. Cars
. Organic products and so on

Examples of services sold on Instagram include:

. Massage services
. Makeup services
. Stylist
. Car repair
. Fumigation services
. Landscape maintenance, the list is endless

On condition that you come up with good strategies that appeal to your audience and conduct rigorous marketing, you will make a good amount of money.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing entails selling other people’s products and getting a certain percentage of the amount going to you. The more sales you make, the more money you get. Through Instagram marketing, you can join efforts with brands and advertise and sell their products on your Instagram page.

Remember, the brand’s motive is to gain access through you to your followers who in this case are the audience. To sell products you can tell your followers how certain products from the brand have worked for you. Record demonstrations on how to use these products among numerous other creative ways to get people to buy. If you are doing a good job, you end up raking in thousands of dollars every month. It’s a win-win situation. The brands end up increasing their revenue and you get paid a commission for leveraging your audience and marketing their products. Note that while a sponsored post seems similar to affiliate marketing, they are not the same. Sponsored posts are meant to increase awareness of a brand or a product while on the other hand, affiliate marketing is aimed towards increasing sales.

4. Drop shipping

By far one of the easiest, most creative ways to make money online. There are no risks involved on your part as an Instagram account owner. In drop shipping, you identify your niche, gather followers and have them purchase the products featured on your Instagram page. There’s no packaging of products, storing of products, sending them on mail, delivering them to doorsteps and all that hard work involved.

Only difference between Instagram drop shipping and an Instagram online shop is that with an online shop you need to have your stock stored somewhere in addition to keeping an inventory. Without needing to keep an inventory, on the other hand, you can run a successful drop shipping business.

All you have to do is get people to buy certain products and the manufacturing company will, in turn, ship these products to the buyer’s doorste

5. Sell poster photos

Say you travel a lot to many countries or you have a good eye and you are good at capturing unique good quality images. You can post these images on your Instagram and gather a large enough following. Many Instagram account owners have excellent graphics and photography skills.

This may prompt companies, website owners and individuals to ask that you work with them on certain projects in exchange for money. You can end up making good money by simply using your gifts and talents to help others and getting paid for it in return.

6. Link to your blog or other online platform

If you instance you have a YouTube channel focused on hair care, skin care or fashion. You can post attractive images of your unique style on your own Instagram account. Your followers will end up loving your style and may want to know more. With each post, you can ask your followers to click on a link that directs them to your youtube channel. This way you get more views and end up getting paid by YouTube. Indirectly you end up making money indirectly with the help of Instagram.

Statistics show that of all the people who use Instagram 53% are people aged between 18 and 29 years old. If your aim is to reach this audience, then Instagram presents a splendid opportunity compared to other social media platforms.

7. Organize events

You can plan events and invite people near your local area to attend. It could be a music festival or a weekly Karaoke event, happy hour, a contest a meet and greet or other type of event. Whatever you choose, you can ask people to buy tickets or pay a small fee in order to attend.

To make money on Instagram, one must exercise commitment, focus, and determination. Many fail by assuming that this is a sort of plug and play money making venture. The truth, however, is that it requires a great deal of effort on your part to make sure you take certain steps each day in order to earn money.

What sets Instagram apart from the traditional 9 to 5 jobs is that you are able to negotiate how much money you get paid by the brands that approach you. Even better, you can choose to join and use several of the above money-making ventures simultaneously. Imagine how much money you’d make? Soon you won’t need to find an additional source of income concentrating solely on sponsoring content.

The good thing regarding the aforementioned ways to make money online is that you are not restricted to one. If you think you have what it takes, take up two, three, or as many money-making ventures as you can handle. If others are doing it, so can you.

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